Mining Guide for Vanilla WoW 1 - 600

This WoW Mining Guide will show you how to raise your Mining skill from 1 - 600 in the quickest and most cost effective way. This guide is updated for the Cataclysm expansion, patch 4.3


Mining can be a great profession to make money with, it is also relatively quick to skill up to 600. As well as mining ores from various nodes, you can also smelt the ores into bars which will also skill up your mining. So when your bags are full of ores you should smelt everything which means you can get though this guide and to skill level 600 much faster.

Also please note that this guide is not about making money with mining, it's about raising your skill level to 600 as quickly and economically as possible. If you choose to sell the ores and bars you mine then you can make a handsome profit from it, there's no doubt about it. However that is not in the scope of this guide, just getting to 600 as quickly as possible.

If you are looking to make more gold, you should check out my Gold Farming Guides section. Don't worry I won't try to sell you some rubbish out of date guide, just genuine, free gold making tips.

Things you should ideally have before starting:

If you don't have any or only some of the above, don't worry you can still carry on, it will just take you longer to get to 600.

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Another thing you should note before you set off are the colour codes associated with the gathering skills.

  • Red: Can't Mine
  • Orange: Difficult to mine, high chance of gaining a skill level
  • Yellow: Moderately difficult to mine, moderate chance of gaining a skill level
  • Green: Easy to mine, low chance of gaining a skill level
  • Gray: Very easy to mine, you won't gain a skill level

Mining Guide Sections / Jump To

Quickly navigate to the skill level you're at:

Copper Ore 1 - 50 Dun Morogh

Start off by learning Apprentice Mining; see the list for your closest trainer.

With all of the maps below, start at any point you want and just follow the path outlined. The ores are mostly near mountains or rocky areas, but don't be afraid to venture away from the lines.

Dun Morogh Copper Ore 1 - 50 Mining Guide

Tin Ore 50 - 100 Hillsbrad Foothills

Learn Journeyman Mining from your nearest trainer

Hillsbrad Foothills Tin Ore 50 - 100 Mining Guide

Iron Ore 100 - 150 Western Plaguelands

Also mine [Gold Ore] if you see any on your travels.

Western Plaguelands Iron Ore 100 - 150 Mining Guide

Mithril Ore 150 - 200 Burning Steppes

Learn Expert Mining from your nearest trainer. Also mine [Truesilver Ore] if you see any on your travels.

There is also plenty of Mithril Ore inside Dreadmaul Rock, but skip this area as you'll have to dismount to get in there and this will slow you down.

Burning Steppes Mithril Ore 150 - 200 Mining Guide

Thorium Ore 200 - 275 Un'Goro Crater

Learn Artisan Mining from your nearest trainer.

Nice and easy this one, just follow the circle! Please note that you won't be able to mine the Rich Thorium Veins until you reach a skill level of 215. So make sure you smelt the Thorium to help you get there quicker.

Un'Goro Crater Thorium Ore 200 - 275 Mining Guide

Fel Iron Ore 275 - 325 Hellfire Peninsula

Learn Master Mining from your nearest trainer.

You can (if you really want) stay here until you reach 350 which means you can skip the Nagrand section below, however I found this to be the most tedious section of the guide. It took me ages to reach 325 and when I did, I couldn't stand the place any longer. So it's your call.

Hellfire Peninsula Fel Iron Ore 275 - 325 Mining Guide

Adamantite Ore 325 - 350 Nagrand

On your travels through Nagrand you will find Rich Adamantite Deposits, however you will need a skill of 350 to mine these so skip past them until you reach that level. You will find a few caves scattered about also. These do contain the odd Adamantite deposit but when I went round them, it was mainly the rich ones. So again it's up to you if you want to explore them.

Nagrand Adamantite Ore 325 - 350 Mining Guide

Cobalt Ore 350 - 400 Howling Fjord

Next stop is Howling Fjord. You'll need to learn Grand Master Mining first, click on a trainer below for their location.

Howling Fjord Cobalt Ore 350 - 400 Mining Guide

Saronite Ore 400 - 450 Sholazar Basin

Sholazar Basin is a gold mine for Saronite Ore (Should have called it a Saronite mine haha!) There will be a few rich deposits but you won't be able to mine those yet so just skip 'em.

Sholazar Basin Saronite Ore 400 - 450 Mining Guide

Obsidium Ore 450 - 475 Mount Hyjal

It's now time to learn Illustrious Grand Master Mining from your nearest trainer.

Mount Hyjal Obsidium Ore 450 - 475 Mining Guide

Elementium Ore 475 - 500 Twilight Highlands

It's now time to learn Illustrious Grand Master Mining from your nearest trainer.

Twilight Highlands Elementium Ore 475 - 500 Mining Guide

Ghost Iron Ore 500 - 600 The Jade Forest (Pandaria)

Learn Zen Master Mining from your nearest trainer.

So far The Jade Forest looks like it is the best place to farm Ghost Iron Ore. It's all over the starting zone and close to mountains too.

The Jade Forest Ghost Iron Ore 500 - 600 Mining Guide

You can also venture over to the Valley of the Four Winds:

Valley of the Four Winds Ghost Iron Ore 500 - 600 Mining Guide

A big congratulation on reaching 600! Why not checkout our other Profession Leveling Guides?